There are a number of farming methods which fall under the natural farming category, such as no-till farming, Mokichi Okada Association (MOA) Nature Farming, and the carbon-cycle farming method. For OmusuVia natural farming means farming without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or fertilizers of animal origin. It is only those farmers who grow their crops in this manner and whose produce has actually been tasted by OmusuVia and judged by us to be “delicious!” who are acknowledged as ToyamaFarmers.


ToyamaFarmer map

Umezawa Farm's representative, Mr. Umezawa

Umezawa Farm

natural farming since : 1974

main produce : Rice (Koshihikari)

Shimomura Natural Rice Farm's representative, Mr. Shimomura

Shimomura Natural Rice Farm

natural farming since : 2010

main produce : Rice (Koshihikari)

Mukousonjyuku Toyama's representative, Mr. Ueno

Mukousonjyuku Toyama

natural farming since : 2013

main produce : tomato, soybean, Tuberous root vegetables, etc...

Mr. Kuriyama

Toshinori Kuriyama

natural farming since : 1996

main produce : Rice (Koshihikari)